Terms of Service


Breef’s founding goals are to be privacy-friendly and highly reliable.

  • It primarily re-arranges Gmail’s interface. If you uninstall it, everything returns to normal.
  • We comply with all privacy laws, e.g. the GDPR, CCPA, etc.
  • Breef requires no data access to your Gmail or emails.
  • Breef has chosen world-class technologies and platforms to build on.

The Privacy Policy provides more detail.

The Agreement

Breef is provided as-is with no warranties.

Legally, we must ask you to agree to:

  • Critical Communication

    For compliance, we will communicate with you to provide vital information regarding using Breef safely, your privacy, your account safety and any payment information. We’ll also provide a time-limited set of onboarding emails to teach you the essentials.

    Translation: “This is just so we can notify you of things that keep you safe, it does not include marketing communication. You can always opt out of that.”

  • Termination of Service

    Breef may be discontinued in entirety, or for an individual, at any time.

    Translation: “We’re a tiny team and can’t provide for all eventualities. But if the worst happens and it discontinues, I pledge to open source Breef.”

  • Essential Identity Information

    Breef’s servers store your email address, when you last logged in, and whether it is being actively used. You can request this is deleted at any time.

    Translation: “To actually fulfil this agreement, we need to know the tiniest bit of info to identify you.”

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