Staying on top of Gmail

Come on in stranger! Plonk your weary self down and let me tell you a tale.

You see, I made Breef to give me speed and mental clarity. Next up, you!

(Too rushed? Get a proper sense of Breef on YouTube - literally, 1 min!)

πŸ‘‹ 21,763 reasons I had to build Breef πŸ‘‹

I’m Andy Mitchell, maker of Breef, and I’m a sinner…

My inbox was out of control

“Yeah alright, erm, just bulk unsubscribe?!”

But I’m sure there’s great insights in there that’ll change my career trajectory!

You see, there are actually 3 big activities in email…

  1. Replying to humans

    βœ… We just get on with it. Lots of addons make it easy to control.

  2. Unsubscribing from junk

    βœ… Tons of products help automate clean up.

  3. Catching up with unread maybe emails

    🀯 No app helps us keep up with emails that are only useful sometimes.

Breef is the missing part of your productivity stack πŸš€

It’s the first Gmail addon to help you fly through your towering maybe list.

Because even the best subscription emails only periodically have flashes of brilliance. The rest are cluttering your inbox, and you’re falling behind.

Speed is what we need, to spot the gems and discard the rest.

That’s Breef’s mission: to make you in control and smarter with the fastest Gmail inbox ever made.

1. Let’s see what Breef can do

I’m always keen to point out that email is up there with the pyramids and the kettle πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ as one of humanity’s greatest achievements. You and I can talk, even around the world, even if I don’t know you.

But that’s also its greatest design flaw: your inbox is chaotic.

Breef says speed is the antidote…

  • Act boldly with the 2 minute timer ⏱️

    Email is no longer endless - make it a quick winnable challenge.

  • Stay on Topic and stay focused πŸ”

    Read similar emails together to keep your brain sane.

  • Never waste a second - skim it all blindingly fast πŸ’¨

    Fly through your inbox emails like Instagram, clearing as you go.

  • Never miss your Top Subscriptions πŸ…

    Breef learns what you love, to help you surface everything that matters.

  • Build your Second Brain as you go 🧠

    Actually make use of what you read, with Notes and Knowledge Base.

2. Solve your Use Case

Get the gritty details on how Breef will help you…

  • Be More Informed

    For professionals who use newsletter subscriptions to get industry insights.

    But are struggling to keep up.

  • Action Emails Faster

    For busy professionals where every second matters.

    (And for Inbox Zero, GTDers and Deep Work fans)

3. A bit about the future 🌐

As more people start using Breef, I want to give us all Networked Thought πŸ•ΈοΈ.

Because many of the emails in our inbox are subscription emails that we all share, there’s tons of potential…

It’s super exciting to think we could network together our Gmail activity, as a user community, to amplify the best reads - and make sure we don’t miss them.

It’s just like the brain learns, reinforcing the well trodden paths of knowledge.

There’s more about this idea in Be More Informed. (Privacy is paramount.)

Talk to the strange lonely man πŸ€™

Breef is so new, and so tightly bound around my idiosyncracies, that I don’t know if it’s useful for you too.

If you’re enjoying it, it’s enormously motivating for me to hear from you.

All you have to do is drop me the smallest email to say hi, and I know to keep pushing on:

Got feature requests?

That’s an even better reason to email me!

P.S. “Breef”?!

To be briefed, briefly. 😎