Grow Your Newsletter

Newsletters are so close to being the ultimate channel

An email newsletter is a marvellous thing. There’s an intimacy between a reader and the writer who is invited into the same inbox as their boss and their family. In return writers are free to express uniquely original ideas, without editorial.

And that’s where the benefits end.

Readers struggle to keep up with the clutter, so Gmail came up with defences that are anti-writer. You’ve now got to contend with the Promotions tab and Spam folder, jostling for attention amongst many others, having no “App Store” to be discovered in, and having no way to know if you’re really being read.

It’s all headwinds of an ancient technology.

In response, popular advice gives writers tactics on how to overcome these problems by being louder and sending even more emails.

It just contributes to an overall sense that newsletters are an intrusion. Too many bad apples are spoiling the barrel.

Breef thinks there’s a better way: Michellin starred writers and a fine reading experience.

  • As a reader, Breef’s promise is to purify your newsletter experience, so you can anticipate receiving the very best.
  • And for writers, Breef’s promise is help you be discovered just by writing real quality. No more shouting. Instead you’ll have a constant stream of people coming forward and asking to hear how you think.

Be discovered by new subscribers

Be A Topical Hit

Breef is constantly (but with maximum privacy) ranking newsletters for quality, using the previously unimaginable metric of how long readers engage for.

Getting great engagement? Breef brings you more subscribers.

It’s Evergreen

Did you know Breef spreads by word of mouth? Because there’s nothing else like it. For every new person who tries Breef, at least one more will discover it - and then discover you.

“Like That? You’ll Love This”

For any given newsletter issue, Breef recommends newsletters covering the same topic. Readers can dine out on the hottest takes on a fresh subject - including yours.

Escape the Promotions tab

The Promotions tab was a blunt instrument for dealing with inbox overload. Breef makes it irrelevant.

Users with Breef installed can have all newsletters coming into their main inbox, staying visible, and they’ll still feel in control.

Once a reader is ready to get stuck in a topic - your topic - your emails will be shown to them in the feed regardless of where they landed in Gmail.

It’ll dramatically increase your open rate.

Find upcoming newsletters to partner with

Did you see that Breef constantly recommends exciting new authors? While that could be you, it also means finding more authors for you to partner with.

Breef simply introduces you to them and their content, so you can decide if you want to introduce yourself.

Build relationships with influencers, faster

Breef’s feed view lets you fly through emails like you fly through Instagram - which means you can skim and see new opportunities to connect with an influencer. It’s at least 20% faster than old fashioned Gmail.

Are you really engaging readers or being trashed?

It’s the eternal question: my analytics said I have a “40% open rate”, but are readers actually just opening me long enough to delete me?

Breef analyses engagement based on how long a reader spends reading your emails. (Breef is 100% privacy focused, so it can never reveal the reader or the precise time spent - but you’ll get enough to optimize).


Breef’s founder, Andy Mitchell, would love to chat and show you how Breef can help you with your newsletter. Say hi at