Use Gmail to prepare for successful meetings

Meetings aren't just a time in your calendar. They're part of a much greater workflow: projects, people, emails, notes and even previous meetings. Your inbox and calendar don't help with that, so Breef puts the information you need to be successful at your finger tips.
Remember: Breef's purpose is to reframe Gmail around your goals, prioritizing them and automatically surfacing their emails that need action, to unblock your path to success.

Keep momentum as the meeting approaches

A few hours before, the meeting will appear in your Gmail sidebar.

When you click it, Breef will automatically find all the emails you’ve exchanged with the attendees - and highlight the ones that still need either replying to, or following up on.

Prepare your mind before it begins

Just before the meeting, it’ll be at the top of your Focus Topics in the Gmail sidebar.

Click it to view all the emails - and files - that you’ve exchanged with the other attendees.


  • Set the agenda from a template

    Over time, you’ll develop best practices for different kinds of meetings - e.g. team 1-1s, sales calls, etc. - so save those templates in Breef, and use them as the basic agenda for each future meeting.

  • Update the agenda as you discuss it in email

    Breef will show the meeting next to emails with attendees, so it’s easy to edit the agenda.

  • Prepare even further in advance

    Breef is getting a timeline view, so you can see which meetings in the coming days still need replies - while there’s plenty of time to prepare. Never fight fires again.

  • Make use of Signals

    Breef will soon have to help with the problem of many competing goals. If you’ve got many meetings, projects and interests vying for your attention, which do you prioritize?

    Signals are the hidden insights flowing through our communication, that Breef can tap into. For example, if you have a sales meeting in 2 days, but the lead has gone cold, you’ll want to see if it can be saved as a matter of urgency.

  • Join in one click

    For things like Zoom meetings, there’s always a momentary hunt for the right link. We should be able to get that down to a simple button.

  • Turn meetings into actions

    After the meeting, Breef will make it easy to update the meeting with a summary and tasks, then email it to all the attendees. It may be possible to export this to your task manager too.

Be briefed, briefly, to be brilliant