Use Gmail to build trusted relationships

It's never clearer that Gmail is just piles of disorganized emails as when we start writing to someone... It's immediately obvious that we'd like to recap what was said last time, pull data from other threads, and see if we still need to reply elsewhere. But that info is too hard to find, which means that sometimes we disappoint people as things slip through the cracks.
Remember: Breef's purpose is to reframe Gmail around your goals, prioritizing them and automatically surfacing their emails that need action, to unblock your path to success.

Automatically find emails that need action

Part of building trust is to simply not forget something they need.

When you’re composing a new email, click Breef’s button to see if you - or they - have forgotten to reply.

It’s automatically detected, by searching for emails containing a ?, but that never got a response afterwards.

If Breef guesses incorrectly, you can just click Finish to clear it.

See your history without digging through threads

An email thread is rarely the entirety of a subject. It’s just discussing one aspect of something you’re doing together - a project, or upcoming meeting, or fun idea. There are likely to be more threads about it.

The easiest way to recap is to let Breef give you a comprehensive person-centric view of who you’re talking to.

So just click the Breef button, select the relevant person, and see every email that you’ve recently exchanged.


  • See everything about the person

    It’s unlikely that your knowledge and history with a person is entirely inside Gmail.

    Breef will integrate your other tools. E.g. your calendar, to show previous meetings with them. Or Stripe, to see financial transactions together.

    Hopefully we can even offer custom integrations.

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