Ever felt unprepared during a meeting?

Meetings aren't just a time & place in your calendar...

There's plenty of collaboration leading up to it in email.

But Gmail won't pull that together, and your calendar certainly can't.

Let Breef automatically prepare you to ace your next meeting.

flag Breefing Be ready for a meeting

Keep momentum as the meeting approaches

See a timeline of events and automatically find what needs action: to reply, or to follow up.
That's what Breef does: it keeps you unblocking issues and progressing forward.

Be fully informed, 5 minutes before

Instantly recap all recent discussions, and files exchanged, with other attendees; and review the outcome of previous meetings with them.

✔️ Breef is ZERO effort.

When you're swamped you've got no time to "manage" emails.

Breef is designed to require no input. It automatically pulls together what matters, to achieve your goals.

And works where you do - within Gmail!

✔️ Privacy. Your emails are safe.

Notice how there's no cookie banner on this site? We don't track you. We're fully GDPR compliant.

Breef doesn't require permission to read your emails. See our Privacy Policy.

✔️ Your attention matters.

In our increasingly fragmented world, it's hard to argue there's any greater skills than focus and relationships.

"The ability to perform deep work is becoming increasingly rare at exactly the same time it is becoming increasingly valuable in our economy."

- Cal Newport, New York Times bestselling author of Deep Work

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Be briefed, briefly, to ace your next meeting