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Actually keep up with all your newsletters in half the time, and highlight their best ideas to use later.

Don't let another insight slip away

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Read at the speed of Twitter

Can you imagine clicking through Twitter like you do emails in Gmail? Yawn, so slow.
Twitter cracked the code to handle info overload, and now Gmail can too. Skim everything with no clicks, no hesitation.

Curate the highlights and grow with them

Remember that great tidbit you read? No?
Highlight the attention grabbers as you skim, and save them for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Or revisit them with a search. Or share them in your own newsletter.
(Future You says thanks.)

Surface the hits that you're missing

Today's top content isn't just on the Web, it's in newsletters. But your inbox can barely keep up.
Breef uses app data from the community to sift the best ideas and writers to the top.

✉️ Been busy? See a 10 minute round up of the most popular issues you've missed

✉️ Missing out? Discover the top ranked writers for your favorite topics - and the freshest

✉️ Just signed up? See the newsletter's best insights of all time - not just the latest issue

Let go of what you don't need

20? 30 mins a day? How long do you spend in clutter that you only keep because of FOMO?
Reveal its true cost, and then have a trial separation that you can undo.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ in the Chrome Web Store

Privacy. Your emails are safe.

Notice how there's no cookie banner on this site? We don't track you. Nor make use of any 3rd party services that do. We're fully GDPR compliant.

Breef cannot read your emails. It works by simply rearranging Gmail's interface. If you uninstall it, everything returns to normal. See our Privacy Policy.

A Breef History A note from its maker, @andymitchell

As a founder I run on insights that give me a competitive edge. And as I'm perpetually short on time, newsletters became my favorite way receive deep insights more calmly than the Web or social media.

But right now, the infrastructure kinda sucks. Great - and especially fresh - writers are hard to find, my inbox is forever on fire trying to keep up with emails from every aspect of my life, I rarely recall what I read, and I'm aware writers might struggle to keep going without richer feedback (or at least knowing I'm grateful and reading).

So what started as a little Chrome extension to help me handle my inbox is evolving into a tool that lifts up the knowledge flowing through the newsletter medium, and tries to support the authors behind it.


Breef is free to start, and has a 30 day 100% refund guarantee.



  • Scroll through emails

  • Set aside emails for later


$7 / account / month

  • Scroll through emails

  • Set aside emails for later

  • Sort your inbox into topics

  • Recommendations to clean up


$8 / account / month

  • Scroll through emails

  • Set aside emails for later

  • Sort your inbox into topics

  • Recommendations to clean up

  • Highlight the best bits into your second brain

Be Breefed, briefly, to be brilliant