Take control of Gmail in fast 5 minute bursts

We've taken away the pain of keeping up with the maybe emails in your inbox. Scroll through Gmail as fast as Instagram.

Because most of your inbox is a... maybe?

Struggling to keep up with 50 emails a day? So were we, and that's why we built Breef - the fastest inbox to skim and act on potentially valuable emails.

You see, it turns out there's a missing piece of our stack...

See what you've been missing, in 5 minutes

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Read at twice the speed

Can you imagine clicking through social media like you do emails in Gmail? Yawn, so slow.
We remade the inbox to be beautiful, fast and distraction free, with infinite scroll.
No clicks, no hesitation. Skim everything and action it in record time.

Act boldly with the 5 minute timer

Like the kitchen cupboard we daren't open, we tend to avoid massive piles of unread emails.
Breef turns them into a fun and winnable challenge... How many you can do in 5 mins?

Narrow your Focus

Your poor brain gets frazzled wildly context switching between the very different emails pinging into your inbox.
Sort emails into Topics to read similar things together. When you're ready.

Busy? Skim only your Top Subscriptions 🏅

Breef learns and predicts which new emails are likely to be worth your time.
So even when you're busy, you can take a light pleasurable bite out of your inbox.

Use the things you skim

Are you getting a good ROI for the time you spend opening subscription emails?
Take notes on the insights you read, and keep track of them in your Gmail Knowledge Base.

The Old Way

The Avoidant

  • Look at your inbox
  • Feel overwhelmed
  • Ignore anything non-urgent
  • Let the clutter build up
  • Miss urgent items anyway
  • Never see cool insights
  • Nausea about 20k unread

Or, The Meticulous

  • Open every email.
  • Slowly click, click, click. Yawn.
  • Feel woozy with so many topics.
  • Forget every insight anyway

With Breef

  • Pick what matters now (Colleagues, good reads, calendar invites, Best Of things you missed, etc.)
  • Skim them crazy fast
  • Needs work? Mark to do later
  • Insightful? Take notes
  • Clear your inbox as you go
  • Search saved insights when needed

Your attention matters - reclaim it

"The ability to perform deep work is becoming increasingly rare at exactly the same time it is becoming increasingly valuable in our economy. As a consequence, the few who cultivate this skill, and then make it the core of their working life, will thrive."

- Cal Newport, New York Times bestselling author of Deep Work

Why I made Breef - Andy Mitchell

"As I'm perpetually short on time for checking things, newsletters became my favorite way receive deep insights where I'll see them.

But right now, the infrastructure kinda sucks. My inbox is forever on fire trying to keep up with emails from every aspect of my life, things get cluttered and missed, and I rarely recall what I read.

So what started as a nerdy little Chrome extension for me is evolving into a tool that makes it fun to stay in control and be informed - levelling up our careers in the process.

tl;dr? The inbox is overwhelmed and there’s tons we can do to improve it. See more about the inbox's unsolved problem."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ in the Chrome Web Store

Privacy. Your emails are safe.

Notice how there's no cookie banner on this site? We don't track you. Nor make use of any 3rd party services that do. We're fully GDPR compliant.

Breef cannot read your emails. It works by simply rearranging Gmail's interface. If you uninstall it, everything returns to normal. See our Privacy Policy.

Roadmap. Breef is young.

Breef is a personal project of Andy Mitchell, and there's still fun ideas to try. See how he uses Breef, and the Roadmap.


Breef is free to try, and has a 30 day 100% refund guarantee.


$8 / account / month

  • Scroll through emails

  • Set aside newsletters for later

  • Save notes of the best insights into your Knowledge Base

  • Choose to focus on a specific topic

  • Round up the best newsletters you missed

  • Discover great new newsletters (coming soon)

Be Breefed, briefly, to be brilliant

We rebuilt the Gmail inbox to make you feel informed, not frazzled