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The moment I knew my Gmail experience had changed was when I found myself wanting to subscribe to more newsletters
Tom Parslow
Founder, Buzzshot

Newsletters are back on 🔥

Great writers are switching to email to share their insights

An enjoyable Wall Street Journal
Uncover more about the world and yourself
New markets and ideas for founders

But brilliant insights are hard to 🔍

There's no App Store for newsletters. No way to find gems. And keeping up with a cluttered inbox is HARD.

Meet your new teachers

New talents are starting newsletters everyday. Discover them first.

Insights you’ll love

Breef is like a coach, tracking what you pay attention to and finding more of it to optimize your life.

But it’s still hard to extract value from your newsletters…

Take control of your time

All your newsletters, in 5 minutes a day, when you’re ready

Breezily glide through them

Newsletters deserve a beautiful space, separate from critical work emails. It’s like a Twitter or Instagram feed, but for email.

How it works

Add Breef to Gmail It’ll begin recording the time you spend on newsletters and marketing emails, to make recommendations.

Read newsletters in a feed Your newsletters will be presented together, so you can scroll through everything in 5 minutes a day.

Receive recommendations Breef tracks which newsletters are best, based on how both you and the community interact with them.

Absolute privacy

Our team cannot read your emails Unlike other email services, we don’t require permissions to your inbox. Breef just re-arranges Gmail’s interface. Your emails never leave Gmail. They cannot be uploaded anywhere else.

You aren’t on our server Nothing identifiable about you is stored on our timing analytics server. Not even your email address.

GDPR Compliant We’re in the EU under the GDPR. We’re legally committed to this.

Ready to apply? Read this first

There's a catch for the next 2 months - but just a small one

Breef is a product and a community for newsletter lovers at the cutting edge of their industry.

Its discovery power come from the savviest of us using it 💌 ⏱️ 👀

So we're carefully vetting beta testers. To be eligible to try Breef today, you must fit the description:

You have at least two favorite newsletters

You've gotta bring a dish to the potluck!

That make your brain tingle with their insightfulness

When we say 'newsletters' we don't mean Groupon. It's all about the renaissance. The password is 'Substack' 🤫

Here's what Breef's Early Bird Membership gets you

  • Be part of a community that's brimming with brilliant ideas 🧠 🥳
  • Step onto the red carpet of our Gmail addon
  • Free lifetime membership for the first 250 brave discoverers who get in

Rather wait until it's launched?

We can't wait to show you. Until then, receive our best gems via newsletter.