Make an impact with Gmail

Get the daily planner for Gmail. It's insanely fast email management.
☀️ Start the day picking people and projects that must be done
🗂️ Split Gmail into tabs to stay goal focused
💨 Skim through emails as fast as Instagram

Focus on what matters most

Prioritize emails afresh each day

Breef shows you things - people, companies, projects - with emails needing action.
Set achievable goals for the day. Feel satisfied.

Tabs give you a burst of focus on your goals

Fly through channels of similar emails.
How are they different to Gmail labels?
  • You don't add each email to them. Just declare easy rules for what's included.
  • They don't leave clutter. When you stop using them, they are cleaned up.

Skim through a tab's emails in half the time

No more *click* think *click* think.
Scroll all your emails in one and spot what matters. It's the fastest way to keep up.

Increase the quality of your time in Gmail

Analytics help you optimize email...
  • Who always needs a lot of follow up? Rethink your workflow with them.
  • If you love learning, discover the best newsletter sources to hear from.
High Impact Email

You'll begin every day by setting reasonable goals that actively reinforce your bigger vision. It's a fresh start every morning.

It focuses you on people and projects that lead to $10k outcomes.

✔️ Email management you'll use

When you're swamped you've got no time to "manage" emails.

Breef is designed to require no input. It automatically pulls together what matters, to achieve your goals.

And works where you do - within Gmail!

✔️ Privacy: your emails are safe

Notice how there's no cookie banner on this site? We don't track you. We're fully GDPR compliant.

Breef doesn't require permission to read your emails. See our Privacy Policy.

✔️ Your attention matters

In our increasingly fragmented world, it's hard to argue there's any greater skill than focus.

"The ability to perform deep work is becoming increasingly rare at exactly the same time it is becoming increasingly valuable in our economy."

- Cal Newport, New York Times bestselling author of Deep Work

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ in the Chrome Web Store


Breef is free to start, and has a 30 day 100% refund guarantee.



  • Up to 10 Focus Tabs

  • 1 Suggested Label / Email

  • Scroll to triage emails

  • Prioritize recent people


$8 / account / month

  • Everything in Essentials

  • Unlimited Focus Tabs

  • 5 Suggested Labels / Email

  • Prioritize people, even if they've been in your inbox for more than a day

  • Take Notes to summarize long newsletters into your Knowledge Base


$20 / account / month

  • Everything in Pro

  • Share Focus Tabs across your team

  • Prioritize emails using data from your other tools. E.g. prioritize your inbox by the $ value of your customers (sync'd from your CRM).

  • Sentiment Analysis

Your busy life deserves this