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So, how much does email cost you?

Err, isn't it free?

1-2 hours a day

10 IQ points

Brrn, no! Gmail charges practically $0, but McKinsey found email consumes 28% of our working day.

Correct! The University of London found that constant online interruptions drop your IQ (oh hello, inbox notifications). Even if you ignore them.

Correct! Harvard University estimates that we lose 1-2 hours every day to distractions. (Your inbox is part of the reason a 2 hour task list takes 4 hours.)

Be briefed, briefly

We've rebuilt the Gmail inbox to make you feel informed, not frazzled.

✉️ Drop in and get out in one quick scroll

✉️ Set emails aside to reply when you're ready

✉️ Hold your fave newsletters for a coffee break

Cleared in 5 mins

Too busy for email? No problem. Checking your inbox doesn't mean getting sucked in. Develop a simple routine to keep it clear.

Flowing and focused

Staying informed shouldn't cause a headache. We remade the inbox to be beautiful and distraction free. Scroll Gmail 20% faster.

Let go of what you don't need

Most emails are glance & go. Speed through your inbox with keyboard shortcuts, and clear the clutter to empty your mind.

Silence senders who waste your time

20? 30 mins a day? You probably don't know how long you spend culling emails you never really read. Find out and cut the crud.

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Privacy. Your emails are safe.

Notice how there's no cookie banner on this site? We don't track you. Nor make use of any 3rd party services that do. We're fully GDPR compliant.

Breef cannot read your emails. It works by simply rearranging Gmail's interface. If you uninstall it, everything returns to normal. See our Privacy Policy.


Breef is free to start, and has a 30 day 100% refund guarantee.



  • Scroll through emails

  • Set aside emails for later


$12 / account / month

  • Scroll through emails

  • Set aside emails for later

  • Monitor where your time goes

  • Recommendations to rescue time

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